Pre Home Inspection Agreements
Below are the pre home inspection agreements, which must be signed prior to the start of your home inspection. They are available here, if for some reasons you intend to be late or can not show up for the home inspection. 

On each form listed below there are yellow highlighted areas to help you to fill and sign each form correctly

Note: We do encourage you to be at the home inspection

Please following these steps:

1. Print out the required State of Connecticut pages

2. Read and sign the State of Connecticut pages

3. Print out the Pre Home Inspection Agreement

4. Read and sign the agreement

5. Print out any other additional services agreements needed

6. Read and sign these additional services agreements

7. You may either:
a. Scan and email them back to me at

b. Present them to the real estate agent(s) who intends to be at the home inspection.

If your have any questions please just give a call at 203-640-7526

These files are in a PDF format. You will need a pdf reader.

These files belongs to Homewood Inspections, LLC. They may change/modified at anytime. Call for the latest files.

Notice is hereby given: These forms are the sole possession of Homewood Inspections, LLC. Any modifications and/or plagiarism of any kind to these files is prohibited.

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