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$  300.00 (up to 1,000 SF)
$  350.00 (1,000 SF to 2,500 SF)
$  375.00 (2,500 SF to 3,500 SF)
Call for above 3,500 SF

$  225.00 - 300.00

$  400.00 for 2 living units
$  450.00 for 3 living units
$  550.00 for 4 living units

$ 200.00

$ 100.00

($ 150.00- $ 450.00+)

$  170.00

$  190.00

$  290.00

$ 310.00

$  75.00-150.00

$  75-100.00

$  100.00

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Home Inspection

Condominium Inspection

Multifamily Inspection

Apartment-style Condominium Inspections

Radon in Air Test


Water Quality     
Economy  (Bacteria, Chemical,
and Lead)

Type A  (Bacteria, Chemical, Lead
and Radon in Water)

      Type B  (Bacteria, Chemical, Lead
Arsenic and Uranium)

      Type C  (Bacteria, Chemical, Lead
Arsenic, Uranium and Radon in Water)

Wood Destroying Insects

Final Pre-closing Inspections
(Final Walk-Through)

Water Flow and Pressure Test

Architectural and Civil Graphics

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