这个项目是安德森·达伦?beplay体育提款出不来先进的食品加工定制设备制造能力。客户吗?S工艺需要将产品降低8英尺,但占用的空间非常小,比任何商用设备都小。beplay体育提款出不来安德森·达伦与客户一起完成了详细的要求,设计了定制设备,采购了所有的部件,并制造了单元。我们定制的降压机已经完全满足了客户的要求。为他们解决了一个主要问题。考虑到工厂吗?S配置,和特殊处理要求的产品,一个正常的下降输送机是不可能的。独特的食品防止使用陡坡输送机,并要求我们的客户找到一个独特的解决方案。 This spiral lowerator allowed the product to decline almost 8 feet in a span of fewer than 10 feet. The unit dimensions are 100 inches x 100 inches x 13 feet. One of the unique challenges was finding a belt that could be used with a particularly small inner diameter with a circular rotation. By partnering with Anderson Dahlen, the food maker was able to solve this novel problem with a custom-designed one-off very unique food processing machine. In addition, the stainless-steel construction and unique sanitary belt design allowed for safe processing and easy cleanup.