SanitarySaniforce垃圾箱疏散和鼓卸载系统by Graco

The Graco SaniForce line of drum unloaders can pump from 100,000 cps unaccompanied and up to 1,000,000 cps when used in an unloading system, making them ideal for transfer applications in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care industries.

For different applications,Graco活塞卸液器泵可以包括电梯、鼓卸荷和本电动车吗acuation options with follower plates and inflatable seals for maximum evacuation efficiency and easy change out of drums and containers.

Featuring a Sealed Impeller

Graco和Andebeplay体育提款出不来rson Dahlen提供广泛的滚筒卸载机,泵电梯和垃圾箱疏散系统。这些泵为食品制造,制药或其他卫生液抽出薄或厚材料,提供了很大的优势:

  • 工人安全
  • 食物Safety
  • Fast Pumping
  • 轻松清洁
  • 低维护成本
  • 易于穷实

贸易 - 在您的旧Graco斗牛犬,君主或参议员泵,并在今天的新Graco Saniforce 2.0型号中获得20%的折扣!

Hygienic and FSMA standards have been updated. Don’t wait to upgrade your pump with the Graco SaniForce 2.0. Send Anderson Dahlen your old pump and we will give you 20% off our best price for a replacement.


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